Amherstview Golf Course Overview

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Hole # 1 Par 4

Long hitters can fly the trees on the right, leaving their drive short of the green. Shorter hitters should play their tee ball well left of the trees and will have a mid-iron into the green. Green slopes gently left to right.


Hole # 2 Par 4

An accurate tee shot down the left side of the fairway sets up the hole. Bunkers protect the right side and tee shots in the left rough will bounce into trees. A tree guards the right side of the green. It's important to get your second shot on the right level of this two-tiered green.


Hole # 3 Par 3

Club selection is very key on this hole. Tee shots must carry an apple tree 20 yards in front of the green. The green slopes back to front with pins sometimes tucked behind the large bunker on the left.


Hole # 4 Par 5

Your tee shot is through a chute of trees. An apple tree guards the right side of the landing area. The green can be reached in two, but a pond protects the left side of the green. Your second shot should be positioned on the right side of the fairway providing an easy pitch to the green.

Hole # 5 Par 3

A challenging slightly downhill par three. Hitting this green in regulation is a major accomplishment. Long left or right requires a full pitch back to the green.


Hole # 6 Par 4

Your tee shot should favour the left side of the fairway. Proper club selection for your second shot is key for the uphill approach to the green. From the back tee, this hole is rated number one.


Hole # 7 Par 4

One of the more demanding par fours. Your tee shot should favour the right centre of the fairway, which falls to the left. Trees guard the left and right sides of the hole. Aim for the right side of the green as it slopes from right to left.


Hole # 8 Par 4

If your tee shot makes it to the first cut of rough on the left, it will likely hop into the deep rough. Par on this hole is a good score. This hole plays slightly uphill.


Hole # 9 Par 5

This par five can be reached in two, the second shot must carry water in front of the green. A bailout on your second shot to the green is right and long. A bunker on the right side protects the fairway off the drive.


Hole # 10 Par 4

The green can be reached in one by long-hitters. Smart players hit a long iron or fairway wood off the tee. The green is well guarded by bunkers. Do not go over the green or you will be in the jungle.


Hole # 11 Par 3

The eleventh plays one club longer than the yardage indicates. Miss long and bogey is a good score.


Hole # 12 Par 5

This is a good birdie hole, but watch out for out-of-bounds left, and heavy rough on the right. Your second shot is downhill, but the pond will gobble up a poor second shot. The green slopes from left to right.


Hole # 13 Par 3

This uphill test is the best par three on the course. Miss right and you must pitch over a bunker. Miss long and left, and four will be a great score. Club selection is critical to reach the green.


Hole # 14 Par 4

Tee shots hit to the far left will catch a lateral water hazard. Stray right and you will have an awkward second shot off a side hill lie. The green slopes right to left. Do not leave your second shot above the hole.


Hole # 15 Par 4

A gentle draw off the tee sets up this hole. Go too far to the left, and you'll end up in the trees. A bailout shot to the right leaves a long second shot to the green. Your second shot cannot be missed left or you will be pitching out of the woods. A shot missed to the right leaves you with a pitch over a bunker with high mounding.


Hole # 16 Par 4

On this dog-leg right, if your tee shot is hit too far left, you will find yourself blocked out by trees. You're better off to miss the green to the right. Trees guard this green to the left and right.


Hole # 17 Par 4

This hole usually plays into a prevailing wind. Your second shot requires more club than you would normally hit. Long hitters will have a short iron into the green.


Hole # 18 Par 5

Your tee shot sets up this hole. Favour the right side of the fairway. It slopes gently to the left. Miss your tee shot left or right and you'll be pitching out of thick rough. The right side of the green is protected by a stand of trees. Into the wind, this is a three-shot par five.